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Nicole Quinn is a Mobile born editorial photographer transplanted to Tacoma, WA. She was in need of a refresh for her portfolio website. Large, bold images and ease of use were here main wants. I was happy to deliver and then some. I also installed a blog so the Southern expat could discuss her favorite topic, food.


Creative Catering by Sean is the premiere catering company for the Gulf Coast. Sean has been catering the Gulf Coast for over 15 years. Sean is an accomplished chef that needed an accessible website on all devices. He also needed to host his comprehensive menu that he could update by himself, as well. His customers have given him rave reviews on the website and we’re looking at creating an app for him next.


Bontreat is a personal project of mine. It’s a food blog that has walk through recipes, highlights of eateries along the Gulf Coast and food related news around the internet. I’ve always been a huge fan of cooking, but recently have buckled down on exploring the craft. This site documents that journey. It’s nice to come home from my day job and just work with my hands, while feeding my family and friends. It’s an absolute joy for me and encourage you to check it out.


Mobile Cryotherapy stands alone as the debut cryotherapy service for the Gulf Coast. MC was in need of a professional, chic website. They also needed a logo, but only had a few ideas in mind. We worked together and refined what they had and came up with the snowflake logo. The logo had to translate well to small and extra large applications (i.e. signage, billboards, etc…). Also, a semi-one page website makes it easy to use and accessible on all devices. We’ll be installing an appointment calendar for clients to use on the site, very soon.


He Who Lives In Me is a personal blog I keep to write down my thoughts and meditations on my faith as a Christian. I wanted to have a place where I could keep a journal, but also encourage a community of discussion with believers and non-believers alike.

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