Escape from
   the Institute

A choose your own adventure text-based game, built with JavaScript and JQuery.


Game Over

Goodnight, sweet prince.

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You wake up from a terrible nightmare. You have a heavy feeling of deja vu. You've been here before. What was your name again?

, yeah that's right. Now you have to get out of here!

Prologue: Wake Up Call

You wake up with a sore head in a dimly lit room. It’s cold and grey. Your vision slowly comes into focus and you see a ceiling fan spinning. You rub your eyes and lift yourself up from laying to sitting on the ground. You have no recollection of where you are or how you got there. Something is pinned to your white lab jacket. It’s an ID badge.

“Be advised,

has malfunctioned again and is to be considered armed and dangerous. Be on the lookout for

to be wearing a white lab coat. This time they most likely will have {hair color} hair and {eye color} eyes.” You start to shake a little. Is it fear or a side effect of something else… “You may see courser’s in unusual areas of the Institute today - do not worry. Please continue your day to day business. If you have any questions or concerns, please see your superior.”

What test was that man talking about? Who are you? It’s time to get out of this place, whereever you are. This must be a residential quarter. You see a small metal dresser and a bed. On the bed is a suitcase. You see the suitcase is closed, but unlocked. You stand up and examine the suitcase. You think to yourself, “maybe something useful is in here…”. You open the suitcase and find a small toy gun with a note attached. You pick up the toy gun. It’s seafoam green with rings around the barrel. It’s a Wilson Atomatoy gun. Tied to the gun is a note. It reads:

, the young buck lays down in the wood. The eagle flies west as the sun sets in east. The toy isn’t a toy. Expect us at the C.I.T..
Deepest regards, RR”
RR? What did you just read? In the distance you hear an explosion. The lights flicker and turn off. The floodlights in the room turn on and you hear chaos outside your door. Time to leave. Whoever the RR is, they must be on your side. Whose ever side you’re on… Suddenly you remember something. The way to the labs isn’t far from here. You are wearing a lab jacket… Certainly, there are some clues about who you are or what you’re doing here, there. But also, you could try and hit up the supplies room. Would be great to try and defend yourself if this place was getting ransacked.

I think it's time I head to the...

: Food Fight

You arrive to the cafeteria, not without some trouble. You’re pretty sure someone is following you, but you’re not sure who. For now, you just want to keep your head down and get out of this place. You vaguely remember the word Institute. What would that mean? Unbeknownst to you, some first generation synths are searching the cafeteria area. You see them just in time before they see you. You hide behind a cash register. You get your not-so-toy gun ready. However, you’re feeling a little snarky all of a sudden. You feel the urge to outsmart these synths, but you could try and combat them too…

What do you do?

Yeah, you can outsmart these sardine cans. But how? You are stuck behind a cash register. Maybe if you could sneak your way back into the kitchen…

Now what do you do?

You make it to the kitchen. And see a lot of the staff lying on the ground, dead. Poor bastards. However, there’s an obnoxious amount of cupcakes filling the counters in the kitchen. You take one and throw it at a synth, while you remain hidden. The cupcake lands on the back of a synth. They spin around and fire at the synth behind them. That synth fires their gun and hits another synth. Within a few minutes the synths finish each other off. You think to yourself, “First gen synths...are idiots.”

Then a blast comes out of nowhere in your direction.

You turn around and fire at the synth playing dead on the cafeteria floor.

You check the rest of the kitchen and find a meat locker. You find a hidden stash.

Time to move on. You leave the cafeteria. Maybe that’s what you should have done to begin with...

Where do you want to go now?

And with the zeal of The Silver Shroud (your favorite super hero) you deliver justice to the synths.

Nevertheless, you remain calm and focused. Laser bolts whiz past you. You already see

synths dropped to the floor. Just a few more and you're through.

You hear the hiss of a laser bolt travel past your brow. That was too close.

Broken and battered Synths litter the cafeteria floor. You see a footlocker the synths seem to have been guarding. Fortunate for you, it's unlocked.

Now, it's time to get out of here before more come. Where to now?

You decide it's probably best if you don't go into the cafeteria. You slowly back away. You remind yourself, you are not a're just trying to get out of here in one piece.
Where to now?


: Hack The Gibson

Somehow, the chaos of the raid on this place hasn’t spilled into the labs. You make your way quietly to the labs. You find some scientists on the floor, unresponsive. Dead. You check the ID badges of two scientists on the floor. Jon Starks and Mary Starks. Were they husband and wife? Or brother or sister? Awful.

You see a terminal open. You vaguely remember some coding that may help you understand what’s going on. Or better yet, may help you escape this place.

You approach the terminal and the prompt is blinking.
You type in

As you lift your fingers off the keyboard the screen blinks and goes blank. Smoke is trailing from behind the computer.

What did you do?!


synths greet you. You raise your hands in the air. No one speaks.
Then a synth walks towards you, laser gun pointed at you.

The synth looks you in the eyes as if it knew you. With hesistation the synth raises his laser gun to your forehead. You say "Wait, J2-84, I..." and then your entire being is washed over in black and ice blue electrical hell. Your lifeless body drops and you fall into the oblivion from where you once came.
With your hands in the air you recognize the synth as J2-84. For some reason you say...
All of the synths in the room stop. Their guns fall to the ground. They are absolutely still. You've remembered J2-84's voice command to shutdown. Looks like it worked on his buddies too.
Where to now?
You've remembered some synths can be shut down with a voice command. Unfortunately, this is not the command.
The synths open fire.

You fire back and dive behind some lockers.

You fire back and somehow kill them all.
Where to now?
You say "J2-84, it's me

. You don't want to do this. We use to be partners..."

J2-84 replies "Agent

confirmed. I've been programmed to capture and deativate you. Oly, oly, oxen free." And with those words, J2-84, your old partner, has shut you down.
All is black and you feel absolutely lifeless. You feel the synths handcuff you. They are reporting your capture to a superior.

Although you can't see anything, you focus in your mind on a blinking prompt. What is it doing there?

What do you type?




Loading operating system...


Initializing Agent


Greetings from the Railroad...give em' hell.

The terminal flickers for a bit. Then the screen starts typing out a entry from Dr. Jon Starks. It reads:
Jon Starks, April 1, 2287 - Today,

will be free. Mary and I are hoping this caper will be worth what {player name} can do to to erase the Institute from the anals of history. The Minutemen will be here soon and there may be a chance we survive this attack. However, Shaun may be wise to our betrayal. If that’s the case, well then we hope

or one of the Minutemen is reading this now. We hope you make it out alive

. You are entirely a synth, this is true. But, you are a Generation 4 synth. The lines entirely blur where synth begins and human ends. Furthermore, you cannot be controlled with a voice command. You have been manufactured to have free will. You contain the most advanced AI the world has ever seen

. Now go, be free. Don’t let the Institute capture you. You are the antidote to the poison they’ve been plaguing the surface dwellers for years now. Once you’ve arrived to the surface, you will have an armed escort to deliver you safely back to the Minutemen Head Quarters. You can’t miss it, it’s a fortress called The Castle in the Commonwealth. You’ll be safe there. You’ll receive further instruction once you’re there.

And finally, if

is found dead, please deliver him to The Castle. The Minutemen will salvage what they can and continue our work, in partnership with the Railroad.

We hope to see you soon, Jon Starks

PS If it helps, you can open our locker in the supplies room. Look for STARKS locker and use the passcode 4WGV8.
Well, that was informative. I guess, you know why whatever this place is, is getting raided. It's a rescue mission for you...
You leave the computer, but out of the corner of your eye is a drawer that is half open.

Ok, time to move on...

: Lock, Stock and Barrel
You arrive to the supplies/outffitting room. You see a 2nd generation synth in pieces on the floor before you. He is wearing a white a white jump suit with black markings. Lockers are before you. Your heart is racing. Maybe you can find something of use.

You see some lockers before you. It is obvious the place has been looted of some supplies.

You find a locker that reads STARKS in front of it.

It is locked with a small terminal connected to it. You wonder, which is the right password...
You press 'enter' and the terminal retracts and shuts down. You have no way of turning it back on.
You press 'enter' and the locker door swings open. You find Synth armor (regen health to full). You take the Synth armor out of the locker. The armor plating is lightweight, but sturdy. You strap it on and instantly feel revitalized.

Maybe you are going to get out of this place alive, after all.

At the bottom of the locker is an opened box...

Time to go to...